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Be prepared in case of a Wildfire

With all the wildfire activity in the province, many Gabriolans are concerned about wildfire risk to them. Here are a few of the many resources available to help: To be informed about an evacuation on Gabriola, sign up for Voyent alerts at the RDN here
To know which area you are in and what evacuation route to take have a look at the Regional district of Nanaimo Electoral Area B Evacuation Route Guide here To learn about emergency preparedness, get your neighbourhood signed up for a neighbourhood meeting with Shirley Nicolson from ESS, at To talk one on one with a Local FireSmartTM representative about how to make your home more resistant to wildfire, contact the Firesmart team at the fire department, FireSmart BC has a wealth of resources to help you prepare for wildfire here A direct link to a wildfire preparedness guide here
Use this Self-Assessment as a starting point to finding out how resilient your home and property is to wildland fire: here

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