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Fire Rating now at High Early Shift And Campfire Ban now in effect

There has been a crucial shift in the Fire Rating to High Early Shift as a of July 3rd, 2024. In addition, there is now a seassonal ban on campfires. This decision comes as a necessary precaution to safeguard our environment during the dry and wildfire season.

Construction and individuals are urged to refer to the for detailed information regarding restricted and approved activities. Please see Bylaw 102 – graphic for further insight.

Understanding the Impact of the Fire Rating Update

The transition to a High Early Shift Fire Rating demands heightened vigilance and caution from everyone. As this change indicates a significant increase in the potential risk of wildfires. By adhering to the guidelines associated with the new Fire Rating, we can collectively contribute to minimizing the risk of devastating wildfires and protecting Gabriola.

Implications of the Seasonal Campfire Ban

Campfires are banned until the fall season. This ban is a proactive step towards preventing accidental fires, which could potentially escalate into uncontrollable and destructive wildfires. Community members are encouraged to cooperate with this restriction and explore alternative ways to enjoy the outdoors responsibly without compromising everyone’s safety.

Staying Informed and Compliant

As community members, it is crucial to stay informed about Gabriola Island’s Fire Rating. Please regularly check the official website for updates and the detailed guidelines to ensure that you are well-prepared and aware of the current fire conditions and restrictions.


In conclusion, the move to High Early Shift and the implementation of a seasonal campfire ban are pivotal in protecting our environment and minimizing the risk of wildfires during the dry and wildfire season. Everyone has a significant role in upholding these regulations and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. By staying informed, adhering to the guidelines, and promoting awareness within our social networks, we can collectively contribute to preventing wildfires on Gabriola. Remember, a small act of prevention can safeguard our community during this wildfire season.

For more detailed information and updates, please visit the official website.

Happy reading and stay safe!

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