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Firefighter Spotlight Series, Francis Wolokoff

Member since 2020

Certifications - Nearing 1001 completion. Community Fire Smart Representative

Position - Recruit, Day Firefighter

Hello! I’m Francis! If you ever come by the north fire hall, you are likely to find me there. Inspecting trucks in the bay, doing hall up-keep, or working on improvement projects. I’m also one of your Community Fire Smart Representatives. So it might be me who comes by your place to give you advice on how to best Fire Smart your property if you book a consultation.

You might also know me in the community as Sage and Reed’s Mom. Former president of the Gabriola Cooperative Preschool, and from the Farmers Market. I’m the Herbalist that creates The Medicine Garden products. I live in the Buttercup area. My kids and I can be spotted on our bikes on trails, and I’m often seen emerging from the cold winter ocean like a half mad selkie.

I have spearhead many fundraisers in our community for The Gabriola Cooperaive Preschool, The Gabriola Elementary School and with the Fire Department on behalf of the PHC.

What I love about our Department - How easy it is to be a woman in the Fire Service here. I’m pleased to always be treated with respect, equality and inclusion. I think we are over 25% Women now! Which is very high comparatively

What Scares me most - Using a Chainsaw on a Ladder. And driving a firetruck backwards out of Degnen Bay. Yikies!

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