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Firefighter Spotlight Series: Galen Duckworth

Hi Gabriola!

My name is Galen, I’m new to the island, having moved last summer from Ottawa where I’ve lived most of my life. It is my dream to become a full-time firefighter, and after speaking with Chief Sprogis I knew this appointment was a perfect fit - to gain some valuable volunteer-fire, and life experience.

Before I decided to become a firefighter, I was a personal-trainer back in Ottawa, and worked for the Ottawa hospital. I completed my pre-service fire training in Texas in 2020, ready to begin my journey. I’m now thrilled, and humbled by the opportunity to put some skills into practice.

The community has been so warm in welcoming me, and I hope to get to know more folks over the next couple years. I want to immerse myself in as many island programs, and social events as possible.

What I love About the Department? - EVERYONE has something different to offer, from fire-ground tactics to everyday personal/professional trades and work. Each member of the department has particular skills and knowledge in certain fields. I love working off my colleagues and learning from them (especially lifetime members, former full-time firefighters) so I am able to contribute more and repay the individuals who put their trust in me.

What scares me most? - Ding’ing or scratching the fire trucks .. and then getting a talking-to from the boss ;)

If you see me out and about on the island, stop and say hi!

- Galen Duckworth

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