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Firefighter Spotlight Series, Mike Taylor

Member since 2018 Certifications: Wildland Level 1, 1072 Standard Haz Mat, EMA FR

Position: Auxiliary and FR

Hello I’m Mike.

My family and I have been on Gabriola for almost 20 years. You may know us through our business, North Road Sports. We also get involved in some other annual community events such as The Brickyard Beast run and the Terry Fox Run.

I joined the department almost 5 years ago when the “Auxiliary” Program was first introduced.

Given my age I felt this was an ideal way to become involved in a community service which I was attracted to but thought perhaps I was too old. The Auxiliary roll supports the frontline personnel with a plethora of non firefighting duties. The one which is a deal maker for many of us is to obtain your class 3 license and drive the Big Red Tenders. Every kids dream.

What I love About the Department

Sounds cliché but the team spirit. Whether at an intense scene or at the weekly practice, It is rewarding to be around a group of people who focus on the task at hand and work with each other without judgement or ego getting in the way. There is plenty of encouragement and help from everyone around. The leadership here encourages everyone and provides the tools to continually improve their skills and increase their knowledge in order to gain confidence. I would say if you are a younger person wanting to gain leadership skills this is an awesome place to find great mentors and teachers and if you just want to be a part of standing on guard in our community there is plenty to do and much practical experience to gain and you will be appreciated.

If I had a regret, it was that I did not get involved sooner. I admit to being a bit jealous when I see my fellow members progressing through the stages and levels of training and responsibility.

What scares me most

I’m told this should never happen, but yea if the situation ever occurred that I had to use the dinghy in a real water rescue. That and any one of a number of training scenarios our trainers have cooked up, some of those trouble the imagination.

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