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Official Statement

In response to the letter circulating from Dr. Bosman regarding his formal complaint to the GVFD, it has come to my attention that not all members of our community are aware of how the GVFD’s formal complaint process works.

The GVFD has an effective process in place for handling complaints. It is important to understand that we are bound by our legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of these complaints at all times and why there are no public responses to questions regarding private complaints. This is not a choice, it’s a legal requirement; it’s not that they have not been addressed.

All complaints are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, and when required, additional third-party resources are utilized to ensure both legal compliance and non-bias. Any required actions are taken and a follow-up response is sent to the complainant.

This process was followed to address Dr. Bosman's complaint. I spoke directly with Dr. Bosman on this matter on more than one occasion and additionally, it was investigated internally by an independent third party. A follow-up response regarding this complaint was sent to Dr. Bosman on March 1st, 2023 outlining as much information as possible about the process used to investigate his complaint(s) and all actions taken to address them without violating confidentiality.

If anyone has any more questions about our process for complaints, please reach out to me directly and I will make the time to connect with you for further discussion.

Thank you,

Fire Chief Will Sprogis

Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department

(250) 247-9677

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