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Open Burning Update

Hello Gabriola. Today (Nov 1st) we are moving our fire risk level to allow open burning for fires larger than a campfire. Prior to burning, you must contact the GVFD office to arrange for a burning permit 250-247-9677.

GVFD staff will come to your burn site and do a free inspection for you to make sure you are aware of all of the provincial regulations, and to protect you from complaints from neighbors, and fines from the province.

GVFD follows the required provincial regulations put forth in the Environmental Management Act -OPEN BURNING SMOKE CONTROL REGULATION that was established in Nov 2019. This provincial regulation applies to ALL gabriola residents, visitors, contractors, firefighters, and developers for any fires larger than a campfire.

Please take a look at the attached Open Smoke burning regulations fact sheet to make sure that you qualify for a permit.

Some things to keep a close eye on before you apply for a permit- -We are in a HIGH sensitivity area as designated by the province. -setbacks and reduced setback requirements -prohibited materials -number of days allowed to burn -requirements for Air quality venting index -requirements for Firewatch and log book -no transporting of materials to burn further than 5km

Be aware the province can issue fines up to $200,000 for violations to this act.

GVFD staff are here to help and guide you through the provinces new strict guidelines on outdoor burning.

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