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 Extreme hazard rating 

Extreme wildfire hazard status

Gabriolans must be extremely cautious as forest fuels  will be extremely dry and will easily ignite, a fire in during this time will rapidly spread and can be difficult to contain. 

For more information please visit the provincial fire danger website.

Please read the information below closely so as to keep the island safe during this dry time of the season.


GVFD has been issuing permits to excavator operators to continue work during shutdown. Due to challenges around risk levels the fire department will no longer be issuing exemption permits. Contractors should use the following provincial guidelines to determine if their activities are allowed. Contractors should also be aware that BC Wildfire will hold them directly responsible for any fires or fire risk created.

Activities that are permitted

When our wildfire hazard rating is Extreme​ some activities are permitted but you must take care in the use of the equipment. As a precaution against fire all activities require you to have a water source or 5LB Fire Extinguisher available and a telephone in case of an emergency.

  • Electric string trimmers (weed eaters) with plastic string that contain no metal. After the equipment has been used a watchperson must survey the area for 1 hour.

  • Plug in and Battery powered electric Leaf Blowers.

  • Electric Log Splitters.

  • Barbecues and Hibachis powered by propane or charcoal.

  • Propane fire pits are allowed but Flames must be 6 inches or less and be safely located: For example not placed in tall grass.

  • CSA Approved, WETT Certified wood stoves installed in a home. But no garbage burning this includes waste paper or card board or yard waste such as garden leaves.

  • Safely used and located electrically powered carpentry tools such as such as circular saws, table saws, and drills. A watchman is required: you must have a person at the work site for 1 hour after work has stopped as a precaution against fire. The watchman must have quick access to a telephone in case of an emergency.


Activities that are not permitted

When our wildfire hazard rating is Extreme we are in shut down. Below are a list of Prohibited items some items may not be listed, when in doubt Contact the fire department and if you cannot confirm the use of the item then do not proceed to use the equipment.

  • Open burning of any sort is not permitted:
    This includes camp fires, Beach fires, Tiki torches, Rocket stoves, woodstoves not installed in a house and Burn Permits are no longer issued.


  • Gas, Diesel or Electric Powered equipment:
    This includes chainsaws, lawnmowers, chippers, hedge trimmers, metal grinders etc.


  • Food smokers are prohibited: electric or other fuel powered such and wood, Charcoal, Propane.

  • We are now in shutdown mode. This means that many industrial operations, such as logging and land clearing, are suspended.

    The B.C. government has taken a tougher stand on irresponsible behavior that contributes to increased wildfire risks, in an effort to protect communities, natural resources and infrastructure from wildfire damage.

    The fire department can and will have the police issue tickets to violators that don't follow restrictions.

    A summary of fines can be found on the BC Wildfire page here.


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