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 High hazard rating 

Gabriola’s High wildfire hazard status

When Gabriola’s fire status is listed as High, this means that normal operations are permitted but to be cautious as the forest fuels are beginning to dry out and surface fuels can combust.

For more information please visit the provincial fire danger website.

Activities that are permitted

When our wildfire hazard rating is High:

  • UNLESS A BURNING BAN IS IN PLACE, Small 1/2 Metre campfires are allowed, provided that they are not left unattended, all safety precautions are followed, and it is not windy. (You must have a 5 Gallon pail of water or charged hose line available, Please see Can I burn Page.)

  • Burn barrels are allowed unless a ban is in effect.

  • The use of powered equipment is allowed. This includes chainsaws, lawnmowers, weed eaters, chippers, etc.

  • Industrial operations, such as logging, are permitted.

  • Barbecues are allowed.

  • Propane fireplaces are allowed. Flames must be 6 inches or less.

  • Hibachis and similar charcoal-burning stoves are allowed.

Activities that are not permitted

When our wildfire hazard rating is High:​

  • Beach fires are not permitted.

  • You may not burn prohibited materials.

  • You may not cause hazards or excess smoke.

  • Burn Permits are no longer issue 

If Gabriola remains at high for 4 days it may put Gabriola into High Early Shift.

There are additional requirements and details you should know about; please see Gabriola’s burning regulations page for details.

Please see following table for reference before starting any activities...

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