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FireSmart Drop Off Days


The GVFD’s FireSmart project, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, will be hosting a landscape waste drop off event near the South Rd Firehall on October 29 and November 5 from 12 noon until 4pm.  If you are a Gabriola resident and have landscape waste from your property in need of disposal, bring it to the gravel area near the South Rd firehall during the event and one of our volunteers will direct you to the dumpsite. FireSmart is prioritizing removal of vegetation from the Non-Combustible Zone and Zone 1.


No early birds or late admittance. No stumps or commercial vehicles, Gabriola residents only. The site will be under surveillance, all loads will be inspected, and signing a waiver when you check in will be required.


Drop Off Days FAQ:


What is FireSmart? 

The best tool we have available to increase our community’s resilience to wildfire, and prevent catastrophic losses to assets and critical infrastructure. The FireSmart program suggests altering the landscape around structures to help decrease the chance that they ignite during a wildfire. Learn more by visiting, and learn more about the RDN’s wildfire resiliency plans at 

You can also book a free FireSmart Home Assessment with our team for a 1:1 consultation, or contact our FireSmart Coordinator at to learn more about the program. 


What can I bring?

Any landscaping waste material generated from yard clean up and FireSmarting activities!

No stumps, treated or painted wood, plywood, construction waste, plastics or synthetic materials. No commercial vehicles. All loads will be inspected to ensure no prohibited materials end up in the pile, and all participants must sign a waiver. (print and sign your own waiver here to speed up the process)


Can I drop off more than one load? 

Absolutely. As long as you arrive within the times the site will be open, you are welcome to bring as many loads of approved material as you like. 


Will I have to unload the vehicle myself?

Yes, you are responsible for loading, transporting safely, and unloading. 


Is there a fee?

No! As many of you know, managing this kind of fuel is increasingly difficult in our community. With tighter residential burning regulations, no curbside pickup, no local dumpsite, and the very real cost of removing material from the island, this event has been organized to help our community start problem solving this issue.


What are you going to do with this waste?

First, measure it! This kind of data is extremely useful to us in applying for grants, and appealing to the RDN to allocate resources to our community, and to help us create long term solutions. 

Most of the material will then be burned in a GVFD wildfire training exercise, and the ash composted. 


Will you do this again?

If we can! We are currently exploring many different options for fuel management in our community, and hope to be able to offer more events to help people manage their fuel loads in the future. 

Questions or comments? Contact our FireSmart Coordinator using the form below  

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