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Do YOU want to be a firefighter?

What does it take to join the GVFD?


Emergencies can happen day or night, 365 days a year, so firstly you must be willing to roll out of bed on a cold rainy night to respond to a call! We also train together once a week, and sometimes have readings, projects or examinations that require home study. As well as staying physically fit, becoming a firefighter requires quite a lot of training, most of which is provided by the GVFD, but can occasionally lead to off island adventures. Before applying understand that commitment will be required, and remember that you will be supported and encouraged by all of our members; we are all constantly learning! However, as it is also costly to train a Firefighter, we are looking for committed, long term membership.


Firefighters are expected to attend weekly 3 hour training sessions, and to attend emergency page outs whenever available. You may need to study at home and will be required to complete the firefighter certificate program and practical skills testing.


We also participate in and occasionally host community events.  As a firefighter with the GVFD, this means helping with things like organizing and fundraising, hosting and speaking to the public, or simply helping to tidy up afterwards.

Compassion & Confidentiality

Firefighters are called to help people in dire need, sometimes on what could be one of the worst day of their lives. Firefighters must be trustworthy, dependable, non judgmental, caring and kind. Especially given the small community that we  share, compassion and confidentiality are paramount.

Good Health

Firefighting is a very strenuous job, mentally and physically. You will need to pass a yearly physical test and continually keep fit. The GVFD is also deeply committed to the mental health of our members, and as such you will be expected to participate in debriefs, critical incident stress management training, and to contribute to maintaining a culture where mental health is valued and prioritized.

Police Record Check

You will need to pass a police record check.

Driver License

Class 5 or better with a driver’s license abstract will be required.

Comprehensive Training

  • NFPA 1001 Certification 

  • Live Fire training in our burn building

  • Hazmat Operations

  • Firefighter Survival Training

  • First Responder Level 3 Certification

  • Engine/Pumper Course

  • Air brakes and Class 3 driver training,
    in house yearly driver certifications

  • Vehicle Extrication Training

  • Water Tender Course

  • Low Angle Rescue Training

  • Water Rescue Training

  • Mental health awareness

  • And more!

What do we offer?

Gym & Lounge Facilities

  • Cardiovascular training equipment like treadmill, elliptical, rowing machines, boxing bag & gloves

  • Weight training equipment, like free weights, a dead rack, and various other pieces of gym equipment

  • Sauna & inversion table

  • Lockers and shower facilities

  • 24 hour access (upon receipt of pager and key to the firehall)

  • Post-Covid restrictions, the opportunity to join fun group exercises and activities with your fellow firefighters

  • Lounge area with games like ping-pong, pool table, shuffleboard, foosball (Lounge access currently restricted due to Covid19)

Personal Development

  • Joining the GVFD is sure to build upon your character. We pride ourselves on helping to turn willing volunteers and community members into better, faster, stronger, and more resilient versions of themselves who are ready to help protect the island we all love. 

  • We train, learn, and attend emergencies together, and as a result fraternal connections are made, and lifelong friendships are formed. The GVFD community is inclusive and supportive and you will surely be made welcome. 

  • We have fun! Despite often being in daunting or serious situations on calls, GVFD members have fun working, training and supporting each other in a way that can offset the intensity of our work.

If you think you have what it takes, you have the time, and you want to be committed to protecting our community, click below to apply!

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