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 Wildfire hazard rating 

Gabriola’s current wildfire hazard rating (low, moderate, high, or extreme) is posted in the above site banner. There are also signs around the island: in front of the Gabriola Post Office, on Taylor Bay Road near North Road, and in front of each of our fire halls.

These are the fire hazard ratings we use:





  • Normal operations are permitted, but use extra caution as some areas may dry out more then others.

  • See the moderate hazard status page for more details.



Unless ‘no fire’ signs are up the following applies-

  • Burning permits are no longer issued.

  • Burn barrels and non-permit fires (small campfires less than 1/2 cubic metre) are still allowed.

  • See the high hazard status page for more details.


High with Early Shift

  • Burning permits are no longer issued.

  • Open burning is not permitted. So campfires other small fires are not allowed.

  • Burn barrels and non-permit fires (small campfires) are not allowed.

  • Some activities are limited to early shift: there is a 1:00 p.m. stopping time for many private and industrial operations, including all powered equipment such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, weed eaters, chippers, etc.

  • Generally 4 days of High rating will put Gabriola into High early shift.

  • See the high with early shift hazard status page for more details.


  • All open burning is banned.

  • You cannot operate any powered equipment at any time.

  • We are in shutdown mode. This means that many industrial operations, such as logging, are suspended. 

  • A watchman is required: you must have a person at the work site for 2 hour after work has stopped as a precaution against fire. The watchman must have quick access to a telephone in case of an emergency.

  • See the extreme hazard status page for more details.

​Gabriola's Volunteer Fire Department references the Provincial Wild fire Danger Class Model to set our Wildfire Classification during fire season: it can be viewed here. We use Cedar as the nearest reference point to set the Danger classification status.

Please see Gabriola’s Burning Regulations for more details on what you may and may not burn.

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